iOS 9.2

Recently Released iOS 9.2 Features

iOS 9.2 has been released officially by Apple. And now it should be ready to download to your idevices including the new iPad Pro and iPhone 6s & 6s Plus. iOS 9.2 is released as second major update to the operating system after releasing of iOS 9. Now iOS 9.2 is available for download to anyone for free. iOS 9.2 came up with improvements of Apple Music, iBooks and iOS Mail apps and bug fixes. And new security patches to the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch for jailbreaking and Cydia.

How can You Update iOS 9.2?

To get iOS 9.2 from your iDevice it has the standard procedure. Go to Settings>>General>>Software update. You should have to update the pop up. Click on install and download it your iDevice and it will launch on your device when it is done. It is a 250 MB download.

iOS 9.2 Status Jailbreak & Cydia Download

New Features of iOS 9.2

The new iOS 9.2 brings you many new features, enhancements, and bug fixers to your iDevice. In addition to the changes for Apple News, there are many changes in store for Apple Music, the Download button to save songs for offline listening, and an upgraded classical music section can be named as major new features of iOS 9.2 in Apple Music.

Apple introduced a USB adapter that lets you plug in your camera and transfer across snaps. iOS 9.2 adds full support for this handy feature. Unfortunately, this accessory does not supported by the iPod Touch. The mail drop feature finally comes to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 9.2. With the help of this feature you can send files up-to 5GB in size via iCloud.

In addition to the number of new features, the iOS 9.2 update also includes a list of bug fixes for the Camera, Contacts, Mail, Podcasts, Safari, iCloud, Find My iPhone, Health, Activity, Wallet, VoiceOver, Guided Access, and the Apple keyboard. This can be a good news to users who face problems from iOS 9.1 update.

iOS 9.2 Jailbreak & Cydia Download

If your interesting in jailbreaking iOS 9.2 now that the update is out. We can say for sure that iOS 9.2 is widely awaited release as all jailbreakers have been hoping that if Pangu or TaiG team have already developed working jailbreak, then they would wait for Apple to release iOS 9.2 firmware to public. And one of the good news is one of the jailbreak team has made browser-based iOS 9.1/9.2 partial untethered jailbreak. However it will not release to free to the public. It includes premium services for jailbreak lovers.

Taig Jailbreak iOS 9.2

The last working Taig jailbreak that was available publicly was the iOS 9 jailbreak by the Taig across both Mac as well as Windows platforms. However, the team hasn’t shown any activity recently. The taig team can be named as the leading team for releasing iOS 8.3 – iOS 8.4 at that time. Meanwhile, the jailbreak team at TaiG is also busy working on its own version and is expected to come out with the jailbreak after the iOS 9.2 release. iOS 9.1 jailbreak is highly unlikely and jailbreak teams would obviously want to jailbreak iOS 9.2 as it would be less buggy than the previous iOS 9 versions.

Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9.2

When talking about the jailbreaking of iOS 9 Pangu team released pangu 9 jailbreak for iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 first. However after the releasing of iOS 9.2 to the public many people have started expecting the Pangu team to Jailbreak iOS 9.2. Before iOS 9 was jailbroken, it was being said that the firmware was incorporated with Kernel Patch Protections (KPP), which provided another strong layer of security to the firmware. KPP was a major challenge while jailbreaking iOS 9, but now that the Pangu team has already jailbroken iOS 9, we think KPP shouldn’t be a problem anymore in case of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak.

There are 2 major jailbreak methods in Pangu 9.2 as

  • Using Pangu 9.2 Jailbreak Installer for iOS 9.2 Jailbreaking
  • Using Safari methods to download Pangu 9.2 app icon on your device. No PC required.

iNstant Jailbreak iOS 9.2

Latest friendly iNstantJB partial untethered jailbreaking team has released their jailbreaking tool and premium services for any iPhone, iPad & iPod running iOS 9.2 version. Visit official website: for further information & Cydia Download.

Latest Download Taig Untethered Jailbreak

    Taig V2.4.3 : Supports for iOS 8.1.3-8.4
  • Windows: Taig Jailbreak V2.4.3
  • Taig V1.1.0 : Supports for iOS 8.1.3-8.4
  • Mac: Taig Jailbreak V1.1.0
  • Taig 9.0 : Supports for iOS 9
  • Windows: [Coming Soon]
  • Mac: [Coming Soon]

iOS 9.2 Features & Improvements